Sunday, May 3, 2015

#GIVEAWAY - Missouri Star Mod Block Magazine

This month, we will be giving away a copy of Missouri Star's New Mod Block Magazine Special Edition!  We love Missouri Star Quilt Company and if you are new to them, you have to go for a visit!  Yes, they are online and they also have a brick and mortar location at 100 North Ardinger Street in Hamilton, Missouri. They are truly a Mom and Pop operation.  You will want to make them one of your online go to LQS!

You will recognize Jenny Doan in the great video tutorials that she posts. Be sure to take a moment and read about their company, they are an inspiration to any start up business and a true testament to family. You can read about them here: The Missouri Quilt Company

Check out their Quilter Daily Deals, it changes all the time, so if you see something you like, snag it!  The pricing is unbeatable and they have a flat $5.00 shipping fee or FREE Shipping on orders over $100.  Be sure to sign up on their website, they have lots of special deals you won't want to miss.  Daily Deals Here!


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Random drawing will be held on May 31st for one lucky winner of the MISSOURI STAR MOD BLOCK MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION!  No purchase necessary. Open to USA residents only.

Good Luck Quilters!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Picnic Basket Time! #Giveaway and Some Red,White and Blue Inspiration! (Winner Announced!)

We missed winter altogether here in California.  It feels a bit disorienting.  The weather is in the 80's, the sky is clear, the wildflowers are abundant.  It's as if the whole forest said we aren't going to get much water, this might be our last year we better pollinate everything we can and quick!

It is however, perfect picnic weather here, the grasses are still green and as I said, it's lovely out.  With that in mind, I am pulling out an old basket my mother picked up for me years ago at Big Lots which is a bargain store out here.  You could go to your local thrift shop or watch the yard sales or maybe you have one sitting around like I do!
French Meadows Reservoir

My plan is a pretty lining, create a top for it and head out next weekend with my husband for a picnic in the mountains perhaps up to French Meadows Reservoir.

There are several fabulous tutorials online for lining a basket, my personal favorite is this one from The Polka Dot Closet

She has cleverly given instructions to create this liner with minimal sewing involved!  Yes that's right!  And her liner can be removable. She has fashioned hers from a plastic table cloth, which makes it pretty easy to wipe clean.  It's hot glued into easy is that?

But wait!  She also has instructions for you to make a removable liner if you wish to use fabric and have it be washable!

She also tells you how to stain your basket if you want to have that Shabby Chic effect.  Very sweet.  I'm still auditioning fabrics, I may find something that just fits the bill.  I'll be sure to share the finish when I'm done.

This month I shared on my Facebook page, several links to quilted items that are red, white and's a great time to be thinking ahead about your projects so they are done in time for the Fourth!

The little table runner under the basket at the top of this post is just a simple split rail fence.  You stitch four 2 inch x width of fabric strips together, measure the width of your strip set and cut your blocks that width. Make as many blocks as you want. Turn them back and forth in a layout that pleases you and stitch them together, a couple strips around the entire thing and you have your table runner!

I found this link from Paula Deen for a lovely lemon scrub I think you will enjoy. Easy to make, would make a great gift for a friend, but heck, just spoil yourself, you deserve it! 

This easy for beginners quilt reminds me of the first quilts I made with my mom when I was in high school.  We had a cabin up at Lake Tahoe and we made 12 quilts that year, one for every bed! This pattern is fat quarter friendly, so gather up your pretty bits and you will have this one done in time for your picnic! Here's the link:

Another beautiful and simple to make table topper!  This one is posted at All People Quilt. Again, make as many blocks as you need for the length of your table!  Link Here:

Don't let this frighten you, it's not a hard one at all, goes together quickly and really easy for a beginner to get great results! Link Here:

Beautiful napkins are a must in a the picnic basket.  This little tutorial walks you through the simple process to make your own co-coordinating spectacular napkins!  Link here:

I'll be adding some more links soon, so check back!


Susan, please contact me via my Facebook page to let me know what your choices are and where you would like them sent, you can message me privately there. 

And, if you haven't gone by to say hello to my little sister Janet on her new Facebook page, here is the link: Janet Harrer Jewelry Designs  Remember to LIKE her page, COMMENT that you were sent by Sister of The Divide, and SHARE her page with your friends.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. At the end of April, I will pick one lucky winner who posted a comment on her page and you will WIN 5 yards of fabric, your choice, mix or match from our Etsy shop.  Don't miss out!

Friday, April 3, 2015

#GIVEAWAY! April Giveaways!


To celebrate Easter and the month of April, we will be giving away a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION of Quilting Arts Magazine, to one lucky winner.

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That's All! Drawing will be held on April 30th.

Who doesn't love Quilting Arts Magazine??? Filled with instruction and inspiration. Be sure to check out their blog site, filled with free Quilting Arts instruction and inspiration. Quilting Arts Free Articles



My little sister Janet, has a new Facebook Page featuring Jewelry that she creates.   She recently had a trunk show in Berkeley, CA. Let's help her get a roaring start! 

THE PRIZE:  5 yards of fabric, your choice from our Etsy store.
Drawing April 30th.

That's right!  The winner can pick 5 yards of fabric, your choice, mix and match, what ever you select from our Etsy store!

To Enter:  Like her FB page at Janet Harrer Jewelry Designs
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It's that easy!  5 yards of fabric to 1 lucky winner, YOUR CHOICE from our Etsy store.

Sending you lots of Love this Easter sister!  Remembering all the joyous times we shared over the years and thinking about how proud our mother would be of your success and the person you have become if she were here today.  

Mom and her Grandson Andrew

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Traditions

I'm having fun today making these little bunny bags.  They are just the right size to hold a handful of something sweet and delicious!

I'm using a pattern by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield which is on her blog here:  They are very easy to make and go together in a jiffy.  All you need are 4 charm squares and a little ribbon!  I think these will be cute on the Easter table, sitting on the plates.  Caroline has a new book out on Amazon, 

Just for You: Selfish Sewing Projects from Your Favorite Sew Can She Bloggers: 24 Simply Stylish Projects 

Holidays and traditions go hand in hand it seems.  This picture by Norman Rockwell pretty much sums up my childhood and probably that of many others.   I think back over the years and all the holidays and the attendant chaos that seemed to go with it.  My mother in the kitchen cooking, her table was always set just so perfectly.  Stay out of her kitchen and don't touch anything on the table, we're going to eat soon. There would be trays of food out on the coffee table for "company". We had to look just so in our holiday outfits.  There would be the typical family arguments that would ensue and finally we would all sit down to the holiday meal. It was always delicious. Whew, glad that's over. And she would always be angry during and at the end of the whole ordeal.  It seemed she felt that no one appreciated all the effort that she went to. And there was always the perfunctory "I'm not doing this again!"  She just could not relax for a moment poor thing. Expectations.

Gramma's house, right next door, was different...there would be crafts leading up to the gala event, painting, cutting, pasting, general mess making accompanied by cake and tea.  Gram always had a cake and tea.  She loved pudding cakes. She was from England and I'm sure this was from her upbringing.   There would be bible stories, Gram knew the bible forward and backward,  the bear and the jello stories, the bear and the jello stories...Oh, did I repeat myself?  Now you have the flavor of the day...Gram had great stories, we all heard them a thousand times and never got tired of them...she was a great story teller.  Even my son remembers her stories.  The food was okay, she wasn't fussing and a good time was had by all.  Gramma was a product of the roaring 20's, she knew how to enjoy life, she was artistic and she let that spirit soar.  And after dinner and desert we would gather at the foot of Pop's recliner and he would cut apples for us while we watched tv together and if we were very good, there might even be a candy bar.

I didn't get to spend much time with my father's mother.  Baba lived in New York and we moved out to California when I was 7.  I never saw her again.  She passed away when I was 9 and I lost my father at 10.  But I can remember her like it was yesterday.  She was an amazing cook.  Ukrainian food, Polish food, Russian food. Thanks to my mother, I have some of her recipes and I make them to this day.  I remembered the beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs and made it a point to learn how to make them.  Mine are not elaborately detailed as some that I have collected over the years but they are incredibly fun to make.  

The process consists of heating a copper stylus in a candle flame and then scraping it across the bees wax, heating it again until the wax is flowing and then waxing the portions of your egg that you want to be white.  Then you dip your egg in your lightest color, wax again those portions that you want to be that color, dip into the next darker color and continue until you have completed your design.  Then you hold the egg up to the candle flame to melt off the wax and wipe it with a soft cloth.  This is the result below.

These are just a few of my eggs in my collection.  Mine along with some that have been intricately decorated by others.  Each village has their own style.  The wooden objects in the front of the case are the hand carved top two sections from the last Christmas tree that we had just before my father was killed.  They were carved by his father, my grandfather and are just incredibly special to me.

The first time I decorated one of these eggs was many years ago, when I was visiting my son who lived in Brooklyn at the time.  We drove over to St. Mark's place to the Ukrainian store and got all the stuff we needed to make the eggs.  We had a ball, sitting on the floor in his apartment, wrapping rubber bands around the eggs to section them and then drawing our designs.  It is a long and tedious process but so worth the effort.  It was a bonding experience. Just the two of us, decorating eggs together.

If you want to get your own kit and try this out you can get one here:  Your local library will have how to books. You only need to google Ukrainian Easter Eggs and look at the images to see the thousands of ways that people decorate their eggs.

Here is a little video showing you how to make a beginner egg.

Here is video showing you how to make an intermediate egg.

So family traditions, a way of honoring and remembering our past...they are what you want them to be.  It doesn't have to be stress filled.  Take your time, enjoy your family and friends.  And make things that you enjoy!  Remember the most important thing you can give your family is you!  We wish you a joyous Easter!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Back Up and Running to The River!

Our computer has been down this past month, the mother board burned out and so we have had to replace it.  Ah technology!  It seems that it changes with lightening speed.  I am sure that this amazing laptop will be obsolete tomorrow morning.  It makes me reflect back to a time at my Gram's house when microwave ovens were first coming out and how she swore up and down she would never have one in her home.  Well, she was given one and I think that became her preferred way to cook for the remainder of her life. So funny, my little English grandmother, boiling her peas on the stove until they were that lifeless graygreen color and then nuking them in the microwave before she brought them to the table.  She was an amazing woman, an artist, world traveled, well read, she could do just about anything, except she never mastered cooking.  I loved her and ate her food with a smile, enjoying her conversation and the gathering at her table.  It was always interesting, even if it was not the culinary delight!

Yesterday my sweet friend Brenda Allen, who has Bella B Photography, and I took the GIMQ quilt down to the river to take some beauty shots of the quilt.  She took her fancy camera gear and I had my little iPhone camera along for some quickies.  We drove in her four wheel drive down to Yankee Jims Bridge on the North Fork of the American River.  Following the rugged one lane dirt road that meanders down a very steep canyon, past several beautiful falls, we parked at the bottom and walked down a wooden railroad tie stairway to the river.

Brenda shoots her photos using our abundant local resources.  Visit her website by clicking on her name above and you can see how beautiful her setting selections are.  Anyway, we layed out my GIMQ in a number of different "poses" and generally had a ball.

Here is a little excerpt about the history of Yankee Jim's from geneaology trails website.

YANKEE JIM’S – About 18 miles northeast of Auburn is the old mining town of Yankee Jim’s which was settled in 1850. The name comes from an Australian criminal with the nickname “Yankee” and who held stolen horses at the site before the discovery of gold there. During its history, Yankee Jim’s was one of the largest towns of Placer and the leader in many enterprises, such as hydraulic mining, large fruit orchards (trees shipped around the Horn from Philadelphia), and some of the earliest newspapers in the county. The Democratic Party Convention of 1857 was held in Yankee Jim’s, in fact. By the early 1880s, the town supported a post office, two general stores, a hotel, a saloon, a doctor’s office, and a carpentry shop. The eventual decline of the town is not attributed so much to the failure of the mines as to the building up of adjacent towns, such as Foresthill and Todd Valley, in its day. The post office that was first established in 1852 was discontinued in 1940. Today, all that remains of Yankee Jim’s are a few residence

It's winter time here, early spring...there should be a great deal of water coursing down this river but we have had several years of drought and there is not much in the way of a snow pack this year so I expect there will not be much water in the river bed in a few months.  Should be great for the gold seekers...easier access to the riverbed without having to wear a wet suit.  The state no longer allows slucing so miners must dig their dirt and pan it at the riverside like the old days.  It's very hard work for not much return. Fun if you just want to spend the day at the river enjoying the water and the possibility of a treasure hunt.

Brenda is like a little mountain goat, she just kicks off her shoes and she's climbing up on anything and everything to get her shot!  I will be anxious to see her photos, these are just the little ones I snapped with my iPhone. 

Everything is so green right now, little flowers abound and the redbud and wild lilacs are blooming in full beauty!  It won't be but a few weeks if we don't get anymore rain this year, that the scenery will change to our summer browns.  I remember moving from the east coast as a little girl and being stunned by how brown everything was in summer, it's just the exact opposite on the east coast.  Our green time here is winter and spring, spring especially.  

If you ever get out this way and have the time, take a day trip out to Yankee Jims, you won't be sorry.  Take a picnic lunch, plenty of cool drinks, bring your bathing suit, some good walking shoes, a towel to spread out and lots of sunscreen.  AND YOUR CAMERA!
Evidence of the old gold diggings abound and the old suspension bridge from the 1930's over the river is picturesque.  You can pick up a gold pan in town at the mining store with lots of pointers on how to use it, it will be a nice momento and if you get a flake or two, well all the better!  

Today, I'm going to finish up this quilt, I actually only have about two feet left to quilt and then  I'm going to do a little piecing on some connector blocks for the one below...

I'm using a block pattern from this book...

And the fabric I am using is from this line of Moda...

I hope you are having an enjoyable day!  I'll be thinking about you!

Easter is coming and I am scouting some fun ideas for a table topper and some cute Easter Basket stuffings.  Check that I am back up and running I am springing into action!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

GIMQ Finish!

Whew!  The Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt is a Mystery no more! This was an interesting exercise for me on several levels.  The color combination way way outside my comfort level.  The "sashing" blocks played havoc with my  (Oh, come on, you know you have it too!)  Wanting everything to line up so perfectly.  

There was a moment there when I thought I was going to throw in the towel, my eyes just could not grasp what was happening in front of me. Even the cat was perplexed.  So I set it aside for a bit, and frinkled about whether I should modify the design, I tried several mock-ups of different ideas, none of which I was pleased with.  Finally, I decided that I would just put it together the way Bonnie Hunter designed it and be done with it!

After several reviews of what was in front of me, I decided that I liked the bits that were light teal colored, the darker bits got lost and created a hole for the eye to fall into.  So, out came the seam ripper and after a morning of taking out all the dark bits and putting in the light teal, I was somewhat content.  

That lighter color harmonized with all that was going on in this busy quilt top and let my eye focus on the secondary swirl design created by the black bits.  Peace or something near was at hand!

Don't stop!  Keep going!  Adding the yellow border and then the remaining pieced border.  Finally, finally I have conquered this mystery.  And I have learned several things along the way, which after all, is the fun of a mystery quilt!

So on a not so sunny day in Northern California, I went to a peaceful place...the local cemetery, where they have lovely bits of trimmed grass and there would be no gawkers...and took a few photos of my finished quilt top.  Feeling pleased, accomplished and gratified that I did not give up.  Looking forward to the next mystery in my quilting life!

For now, this goes in the pile to be quilted...I'm thinking this possibly for a a little reminder to me of the reward that came after some careful color consideration and time well spent with the seam ripper!

To see all the fabulous works in progress and the Grand Finishes you can visit Quiltville here:

Thanks Bonnie Hunter for your boundless energy!  For the time you invest to make this happen each year!  For your inspiration and encouragement!  Looking forward to meeting you in person this Spring here in Northern California!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sister Of The Divide is Now On Etsy!

The beginning of something wonderful!  Sister of The Divide is now on Etsy!  You can visit us at

Over the course of the next several months we will be listing, out of stock fabrics for your consideration.  Many of these designs are rare and very difficult to find.

Each week we will post new listings so check back often.  There is a broad range of fabrics that we will be posting, some florals, some civil war reproductions, you name it, I think we probably have some!  Pricing will be reasonable.  We invite you to take a peek at our first offerings, a variety of Laurel Burch fabrics by Clothworks. Laurel Burch was a talented and amazing designer, sadly she passed away in 2007 so these fabrics will not be abundantly available and will go quickly.  

Her designs are at once whimsical, mystical and graphic.  It doesn't take a lot to make a bold impression!

One of our customers uses these beautiful designs to make children's coveralls.  You can see her work at

Don't wait around, these are all going fast!  Come by for a peek and check in often!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cloth Carousel and a Day Trip to Winters, California

My friend Brenda called and we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Winters, California to visit a little shop she had discovered.  Alas my phone was dead by the time we got there, so I have pulled these photos off the web.  What a charming little Main Street they have in Winters.  I had not been there in well over 20 years, we use to go over once a year from Napa, to get fresh peaches and dried fruits.  

Winters has played a large roll in the history of California agriculture and education.  The little post office was established in 1875 and the town was incorporated in 1898.  It derives its name from Theodore Winters, who provided half of the town's land.  Another important early pioneer and the first English speaking man to settle in the area now known as Winters; John Reid Wolfskill, born in Kentucky, started the agricultural development of the Sacramento Valley here, planting orchards and vineyards in 1842.  In 1935, Wolfskill's heirs deeded 100 acres of the Wolfskill ranch in Winters to the University of California, Davis, which had been founded in 1908.  The land was to be used for an experimental orchard.

Well, this little town with a big legacy, is a delightful place.  There are places to enjoy a lovely meal, some shopping, a beautiful park if you like to picnic...and of course...a sweet little quilt shop!

Located on the first floor of the Opera House Building at #9 Main Street, they hold an ever changing assortment of 2000 bolts of fabric.  The shop is very well organized with a nice selection of dot fabics, batiks, current Moda selections, Kaffe Fassett, Cotton and Steel, good selection of Kaufmann solids, brights and blenders, nice selection of oriental themed fabrics, Tula Pink, good selection of black on white and white on black, seasonal delights and lots of other fabric lines too numerous to mention.

It's interesting to go into a variety of shops and see how they are arranged.  I loved this shop.  Well organized, not cluttered.  Items were arranged in a logical manner.  The back wall contained an abundance of notions, you wouldn't need to make a trip out of town for anything.  Right under the cash register counter they have a good variety of rulers, including the Hex N More and the Side Kick.  At the front of the store, at the windows edge are their quilt books, great location, lots of light for easy viewing.  And what an extensive selection!  They have a large cutting table that can service two customers at the same time.  

Fabric is arranged in a pleasing manner, easy to see, easy to access, with lots of little cubbies holding fat quarters, jelly rolls, charms and layer cakes of the same fabric line.  On the walls hang some beautiful and inspiring quilts.  At the very back of the store is a room set aside for teaching.

It's the kind of Little Quilt Shop that you would love to spend the day in.  You would come home with all that you required to construct your project.  On the whole a well thought out space!

What did I buy, you ask? I purchased a Moda Persimmon Jelly Roll and a Moda Persimmon Layer Cake.  YUMMY!!!

Well, that was fun!  I won't let it take another 20 years before I return to visit the little town of Winters and the Cloth Carousel, I promise!